Castle Heros

Our first and dare we say most successful gamification project was launched for a company in the supply chain production software space. Check out this best in class application for planning and scheduling production for enterprise manufacturers. We spruced up the experience by adding sword and mace wielding heroes that went to battle. It's just a little bit more fun now :)

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PunchOut World Tour

It doesn't get any more boring than accounting software. But we are in the process of changing that. Zoho Books accounting software meet a serious brawler gamification overhaul. Budgeting will never be the same again!

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punch out software gamification


Mean Streets

There's nothing less mean than maximizing warehouse efficiency ... unless you get so efficient that maybe you have to cut staff.  It's just not very exciting. That is until you open up the invisioned iteration of Odoo and start racing a souped up muscle car (no not a fake electric muscle car that makes vroom sounds with a speaker ... a real, loud, gas guzzler) through the streets of just about every major city in America.

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